The mission of the Urban Farming Institute Community Land Trust (UFI CLT) is to promote and protect urban farmland, and to ensure that decisions about this land remain in local control.  UFI CLT acquires, develops, and stewards urban farms under the governance of the people who are impacted by this land use.

The UFI CLT partners closely with the Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFI).  UFI teaches people how to grow and distribute food locally to build healthier residents, neighborhoods, and economies.  The UFI CLT serves as the primary owner of farmland, to ensure long-term community stewardship.

The first CLT in the United States was formed in rural Georgia in the 1960s to protect the rights of African-American farmers.  The UFI CLT is a founding member of the Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network, which focuses on increasing support for land trusts in the Boston area.  The UFI CLT is the first of its kind, created to own and manage commercial farms for community benefit.


planting raised beds