What is a CLT?
A Community Land Trust is a not for profit organized to own land to protect affordability and preserve local control over development decisions.

Why is it good for farms?
Land speculation and development forces often determine how land will be used.  UFI develops farms with local consensus and UFI CLT ownership ensures the farms will be here for future generations.

Are there other CLTs in Boston?
The UFI CLT is a founding member of the Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network.  The most well-known land trust in Boston is Dudley Neighbors Inc., which provided inspiration and technical assistance in forming the UFI CLT.

How does it work?
The UFI CLT owns farmland and manages it as a steward of the community — promoting thriving farms, a vibrant local food economy, and strong neighborhood connections.  In 2019, we will begin leasing land to local farmers and offering equipment and technical support to promote their success.